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Become a professional waiter with Time2Staff

The waiter job is tricky, and if you have taken your first shift already you might think that the job is more challenging than it sounds. Well, you are right! The waiter job is very challenging, but the good news is that it becomes far less challenging after learning some key points and practicing them daily.

It is always important to keep all the parties happy when you are a waiter. On one hand, the customer is the king, on the other, the boss should always be happy, because s/he is the one paying the salary, right?

To begin with, put your phone in your bag, and forget about it all in all! If you want to check the time, just use your watch. Take out a piece of paper and put a pen in your operon's pocket. Then start walking around a little bit to get to know the place. As a waiter, you need to be able to answer the customers' questions about your workplace. Make sure to remember where the toilets are. Check the kitchen area and the kitchen facilities' location. Whenever you felt like you might forget a note, take out your pen and paper and write it down quickly. Then look at the tables carefully.

Almost always each table has a number, if not imagine a number for each row of tables in your mind. By doing that, you can memorize the guest's locations better. How else would you remember which tables have not received wine yet, and which ones are waiting for some water? The key here is increasing speed while staying as efficient as possible. Try to draw a little map for yourself mostly in wedding events where guest seats are determined from before. If you have the map in your pocket, you will not become stressed if the head waiter asks you to take the wines to tables 2,4, and 6, or when you want to divide the tables between you and the other waiters present in the event.

Taking all the steps mentioned above does not take more than 10 minutes. Thus if you show up only 10 minutes sooner than the shift starts, and you take the steps above, you are likely to do far a better job, and receive a full star rating. Remember! You will receive a 1000NOK bonus after only 10 full-star ratings.

Good luck!


Do you think you are ready to start working as a waiter now?

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