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Hvorfor arbejde hos Time2Staff?

  • Arbejd hvor som helst og når du vil

  • Vælg mellem mange forskellige typer job

  • Bliv betalt inden for 48 timer efter hvert udført job

  • Mulighed for at få en fuldtidskontrakt

Video for our staff

Video for our staff

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How does Time2Staff work?

Create staff profile

Set up your profile, and enter your skills and experiences. After completing your profile, you will be able to find jobs right away.

Apply for jobs

You can easily apply for jobs by booking any job invitation that suits your time, location and skills best.

Work and get paid

Once the client accepts you for the job, you will receive the information and preparation guide for the job. You will be payed within 48 hours after the job is done.

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Hear it from our users

woman testimonial

Time2Staff makes it easy for me as a student to get an extra income in addition to my studies.It gives me great freedom and the salary is paid out right away!

Anniken Bråthen
man testimonial

Time2staff is very easy to use! It's a great solution for taking extra shifts next to my regular job. It's easy to sign up or use an existing account from Facebook or Google.

Eirik Ormberg
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