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Meet our administration

Kristoffer Hagenes

Kristoffer Hagenes

Kristoffer is our CEO with over 10 years of experience from staffing and the recruitment industry. He is also a football referee in the Norwegian elite series.

Maren H Emerise

Support Manager Maren H Emerise

Maren is our support manager!
Every support center should have a Maren. She is always positive and helps our staff and clients in the best possible way!

Behind the scenes

Linn Ness

C&R Linn Ness

Linn is our costumer and relations manager with extensive experience in the hotel and restaurant industry. She has worked for several years in Asia.

Interested in food and travel.


 CFO Henrik Bråthen

Henrik is our CFO. Henrik comes from Oslo and is in his second year of a bachelor's degree in economics and administration at the Norwegian School of Management. 

Hadis Heydarian

Communication & Product Manager
Hadis Heydarian

Hadis is our Communication and Product Manager. She helps us with internal and external communication, and app development meetings.

Benjamin Martinsen

Marketing Leader
Benjamin Martinsen

Benjamin is our Marketing Leader with extensive experience in regards to digital marketing, content production, and designing the most viable marketing strategies.

Jon Helge Stensrud

Jon Helge

Meet Jon Helge, he is our CTO!
Jon Helge makes all the great ideas come true.

Marketing Expert Waldemar Kristiansen 

Meet Waldemar, he is our Marketing Expert, and he adds so much value to our marketing department, and handles Time2Staff social media channels.

Waldemar Kristiansen 

Meet our General Managers

Our General Managers are responsible for onboarding and following up with new clients and holding staff events/activities within the responsibility area.

Kristoffer Hagenes

GM Norway

Kristoffer is the General Manager in Norway.

Fabian Sundelin

GM Sweden

Fabian is General Manager for Sweden. With 8 years of experience in Staffing and the recruitment industry.

With a high level of service and enormous empathy for customers' staffing needs, he today runs Sweden's most popular staffing company. Now looking forward to new challenges with T2S Sweden.

GM Oslo

Matteo is a our GM Oslo with over 10 years of experience from the restaurant, staffing and recruitment industry.

Mikaela Bååt

GM Stockholm

Mikaela is General Manager in Stockholm.

GM Trondheim

Kim has extensive experience as a chef at several well-known restaurants as well as restaurant chains. He is passionate about quality and good digital solutions that can let the customer focus on their concept.

GM Gothenburg

Peder is General Manager Gothenburg.

Time2Staff offers flexible jobs

GM Stavanger
Boran Akdogan

Boran is the General Manager of Stavanger.

Meet the board of Time2Staff

We proudly have professional leaders on the board with great experience 

Leader of the board

Bjarte is our chairman. He is a qualified accountant and the right man to lead Time2Staff. He has experience from start-ups such as Cutter and Sport Outlet.

Board member

Veronika is one of our great board members.

Board member

Synnøve is one of our great board members.

Board member

Thomas is one of our great board members.

Board member

Agathe is one of our great board members.

Board member

Ina is one of our great board members.

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