Behind the scenes


Kristoffer Hagenes

Kristoffer is our CEO with over 10 years of experience from staffing and the recruitment industry. He is also a football referee in the Norwegian elite series.


Partner Manager Matteo Stornaiuolo

Matteo is a our partner manager with over 10 years of experience from the restaurant, staffing and recruitment industry.


C&R Linn Ness

Linn is our costumer and relations manager with extensive experience in the hotel and restaurant industry. She has worked for several years in Asia.

Interested in food and travel.


 CFO Henrik Bråthen

Henrik is our CFO. Henrik comes from Oslo and is in his second year of a bachelor's degree in economics and administration at the Norwegian School of Management. He has previously been involved in several entrepreneurship projects through a youth company at Kongshavn high school, and through the bag brand POMS Oslo.


HR Manager
Emelie Randleff

Emelie grew up on a farm on Gotland in Sweden. She came to Bergen in 2013 and has several years of experience in the catering industry as both a waiter and butler. She now has a bachelor's degree in HR and Personnel Management from Kristiania University College (2016-2019), with electives in business economics.


Senior Advisor
Petter Toppe

Petter is from Bergen and has a degree in sales and marketing from BI in Bergen.


GM Trondheim
Kim Øvrebø

Kim has extensive experience as a chef at several well-known restaurants as well as restaurant chains. He is passionate about quality and good digital solutions that can let the customer focus on their concept.


GM Stavanger
Boran Akdogan

Boran has extensive experience from the hotel industry in Stavanger and has, among other things, run his own cafe where he himself has noticed staffing challenges on the body.


Marketing Manager

Eirin is our great Marketing Manager. She has studied marketing in Bergen and is ready to take Time2Staff into the future.


GM Sweden

Fabian is General Manager for Sweden. With 8 years of experience in Staffing and the recruitment industry.

With a high level of service and enormous empathy for customers' staffing needs, he today runs Sweden's most popular staffing company. Now looking forward to new challenges with T2S Sweden.

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