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Become a bartender at Time2Staff

Welcome to Time2Staff

Our services

Staff rental

We hire staff through our app which you can find in google play and apple store. Price for rental is fixed per hour and we pay the staff directly.
Based on the customers star rating, we give bonuses to the staff who are rated well.


We offer all our customers to recruit our staff directly. In this way you can easily hire someone as a test for a few hours and easily employ them afterwards.
We do not charge anything for the recruitment-service.


We offer all our employees access to our own digital training courses, which means that we help to raise both the level of knowledge and the quality of our staff.
We call it Time2Staff Academy. Its all about quality right?


This is what job positions we currently are offering. More branches to be offered very shortly.

Become a receptionist with Time2Staff


Become a chef with Time2Staff


Become a housekeeper with Time2Staff


Become a bartender with Time2Staff


Become a waiter with Time2Staff


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