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"17 of May is soon here! 🇳🇴"

The 17th of May also known as Norway's birthday is approaching, and for some of you, this might be your first time celebrating it. The whole day is a great celebration, usually starting early with a champagne breakfast for the adults, and a big parade with the whole public and especially the younger ones. Others may use this national holiday as an opportunity to earn some extra money, as the day is considered a "red day" and everyone gets 100% pay on top of their usual hourly wage. Which means 400NOK/h for waiters and 440NOK/h for bartenders and chefs on the Time2Saff application. Time2Staff app is already filled up with shifts, so if you want to celebrate and work you may very well do so by downloading our app and creating a staff profile in 3 minutes!

17th of May, Norway's birthday
Gratulerer med dagen from Time2Staff

Food wise the day is very colourful and filled with different traditions. Some do it very simply and easily, only purchasing hot dogs or burgers in the streets. While others, it is a day to show off their cooking skills, and some of these dishes are also served at restaurants and cafes on this day. This may include pavlova cake with loads of berries, "rømmegrøt" = sour cream porridge, "roastbiff" = roast beef, plates with "røkelaks"= smoked salmon and/or different cured meats like "spekeskinke", "spekepølse" and "fenalår". In Norway, the conservation of food through curing has been popular for more than a thousand years, and Norwegians eat "spekemat" all year around.

Nonetheless, it is a day of celebration, no matter where in Norway you may find yourself, there will be happy people all around in either suits or their Norwegian folk costume "bunad", eating hot dogs and ice cream and participating in children's play activities such as races, darts, tug of war and more. Everyone is suddenly coming out of their houses to experience a fabulous day together.

For all workplaces, this could present a struggle to find enough staff at their place on this crowded day. Remember we got more than 21000 staff ready for extra jobs in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Ålesund, Kristiansand, and Sandefjord. We hope our app could be a lifesaver for all the workplaces in the hospitality industry on the 17th of May. With our platform, businesses can enjoy the benefit of a flexible and free recruitment process, leading to the identification of the most suitable candidates for the job.

Special Norwgian food on 17th of May
17th of May food

The 18th of May is a red day as well, it is called "Kristi himmelfartsdag" in Norwegian and stands for Christ's ascension. Most people have the day off and school's closed, but bars, hotels, and restaurants may stay open. May is generally a good month salary-wise for staff and we hope everyone enjoys it very much!

Whether you are a workplace or a staff or simply a person interested in our business, we wish you a beautiful day full of happiness and laughter with your loved ones 🧡

Gratulerer med dagen!


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