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6 Tips for working in Norway

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Whether you just arrived in Norway or have been here for a while, here are 6 tips to help you work in Norway.

waiter in a busy restaurant with norwegian flag overlay

1. Learn Norwegian

While Norwegians generally speak English very well, communication in Norwegian is appreciated. Some jobs require mastery of the Norwegian language, however even if this is not required knowing basic Norwegian can be an advantage. This can be daunting but knowing some key phrases is a way of showing interest in Norwegian culture and can make you more approachable in the service industry. Check out the video below for some phrases that may come in handy during your workday.

2. Be professional

A quality that is much appreciated in Norway, both by clients you work for, fellow staff members and guests who you interact with, is being professional. This means being able to separate personal life from your working life. Make sure that you show up on time, in the correct wear and do your best work, always.

3. Norwegian service expectations

Getting to know the culture you are in can be

just as fun as it is useful. Americans are known for being chatty and outgoing and having that same expectation for their waiters. Norwegians are often more reserved, and depending on the workplace small talk may not be necessary - or even wanted. This means finding the balance between being friendly yet still professional, enough to attract the customers attention while still respecting their comfort zone. You have to carefully analyze the customer and, depending on their energy and attitude, decide how to best match their expectations while giving service to them. Ultimately, it is important to provide friendly and timely service and of course, a smile and an extra greeting are always appreciated.

4. Independence and teamwork

Many jobs offer independence to their workers, clearly setting out tasks but having the staff take charge of making sure these are finished. At the same time, helping each other out and asking questions when unsure is important to remember. While you may work independently on your tasks, in the service industry you are also a team player.

5. Building a network

When you are working, you are interacting and communicating. Every time we do this, we are presenting ourselves and people are getting to know us. We evaluate our experiences with each other as we meet, cooperate and work together. You have the option to make sure that every interaction and communication coming from you will be positive for the person you meet. This way, you can build strong working relationships with clients, co-staff members and those you meet along your way. Having an awareness about this can be beneficial for all involved, especially for you.

6. End it on a good note

Leave the customers with a good impression by remembering to say goodbye. This is where your Norwegian skills can help, for example by saying “god helg!” (have a nice weekend) or “ha det bra!” (have a good one) when wishing customers an amazing day or night. Send people a lot of energy with your beautiful smile and respectful attitude. This way not only the customer becomes happy but the client can also never give you less than three stars on your ratings in our App!

Good luck on your next job!


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