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How to find a job as a student

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

The start of studies is approaching, and these days, many new students are preparing for student life. In the time before the start of studies, there is a lot to arrange. As a new student, you may need to find an apartment or a dorm room, a shared living arrangement, a part-time job, and get to know a new city. This can be time-consuming and a significant challenge, especially when you are moving away from your family for the first time.

At Time2Staff, we want to make the transition to student life as easy as possible!

Time2Staff app
How to find a job as a new student?

Finding a job as a new student is easy with Time2Staff. Download the app, create a user account, and you will find many available jobs to apply for. No previous experience is necessary to apply for jobs. Find jobs that fit your schedule, and you will get paid already 48 hours after completing your work session. With Time2Staff, you don't have to write cover letters or go through interviews. This way, students can easily find jobs!

What kinds of jobs can you get through Time2Staff?

Time2Staff offers various jobs such as bartenders, festival crew, baristas, housekeepers, store assistants, waiters, headwaiters, and cooks. All these positions are open to applicants without prior experience.

At Time2Staff, you  can work as a barista
How much can you earn through Time2Staff?

At Time2Staff, you will earn between 224 to 245 NOK per hour, depending on the job you apply for. The payment will be made just 48 hours after the work session is completed!

The start of studies is an exciting time in life After the orientation week, things settle down, and you begin to have a more stable and calm everyday life as a student. As a financially strapped student, you can look for a job on the side to afford enjoying everything student life has to offer.

The Time2Staff app is 100% free to download and use.

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