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A new way of finding jobs

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Finding a job is hard. From not receiving interview invitations to lacking experience or the right skills, it is hard to continue looking when rejection after rejection comes in. Worse yet, sometimes the application is rejected before the employer has even seen it. Time2Staff is an innovative way to find jobs and build a career.

The Time2Staff app connects people looking for a job with those hiring. By enabling direct contact yet managing the logistics this process is more not only more efficient but also easier. It also creates new opportunities and ways of working. Whether it is because job seekers are not getting interviews, are lacking experience or need to start immediately: Time2Staff is helping people find jobs when more traditional methods are holding them back.

One such success story is Omar Khan, whose story was shared in the newspaper Bergensavisen in fall 2021. After struggling to find employment, he began working through the Time2Staff app. His hard work paid off as he was offered a permanent position after not receiving interviews just shortly before.

Khan is not the only success story, as many users have used the app to springboard into working life. Time2Staff provides valuable first opportunities and work experience as well as a way to show off skills. Recruiting is free for the companies using the app, making it easy to move from extra help to permanent staff. At the same time, taking different jobs within the app offers flexibility, freedom and the opportunity to explore different work environments. As such, Time2Staff is not only a way to pick up an extra shift once in a while but also important for permanent work.


Do you think you are ready to start working as a waiter now?

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