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Dynamic Materiality

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

An interview with Hadis Heydarian, Communication and Product Manager at Time2Staff, about why dynamic materiality is important for sustainability.

First of all, how would you define dynamic materiality?

Dynamic materiality reflects on issues that are not material yet but will be a priority for the company in the future. In other words, the dynamic materiality shows that the material issues may change over time, and therefore an adaptive approach is needed to reprioritize ESG topics to allow for more actions on the tasks which will be identified in the future.

Dynamic materiality is important to consider to prepare for the future and take a continuous and dynamic approach toward sustainability issues.

How did you learn about dynamic materiality?

Taking the course sustainable business models at NHH provided me with great insight into sustainability matters. After starting my job, and realizing how interested and motivated the CEO is to move toward sustainability as much as possible, I dived into more details in sustainability topics I learned from school to see how Time2staff can become greener and greener every day.

Why is dynamic materiality important today?

It has always been about priorities, mostly in agile systems.

Tasks must be prioritized, events must be prioritized but so does sustainability. To be efficient and to be able to get on track in this world where everything is changing super fast while technology is becoming more and more advanced every day it is important to not only prioritize the important aspects of today but also of the future.

The digital revolution is changing “what” and the “how” of the processes but also “who” are the people completing a job to be done. With technology as the fourth revolution evolving at an exponential rate, and a significant increase in customers’ expectations, and the comprehensive sustainability problem, sustainability actions are urgent to be located on top of the priorities of each and every company.

What goals does Time2Staff have to support staff, clients and employees in terms of sustainability?

Keeping the idea of dynamic materiality in mind, although not a lot of companies take it seriously, we in Time2Staff have already determined our sustainable goals for the future.

In addition to SDG 5 and SDG 8 we keep the approaches of SDG 4 and SDG 12 in mind for the future.

One significant goal for Time2Staff is to change the unsustainable patterns of consumption and production by managing the actions of not only the clients and vendors but also the staff by providing them with further education and incentivizing sustainable behavior.


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