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Sustainable Development Goals and Time2Staff

We take as many steps as possible toward sustainability – each and every day. The job seekers and providers who use our digital platforms are encouraged to do so as well. As such, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) eight and five are considered within our sustainable business model.

SDG 8 highlights the need for good jobs and economic growth. As a job platform, we offer jobs in a caring and equal environment and our staff receive satisfactory payments as well as connecting clients with the staff they need. By offering bonuses and a satisfactory salary hard work is encouraged but also rewarded. Additionally, economic growth is supported as the platform allows for the standards of paying taxes, getting insurance, receiving a pension and getting holiday pay are followed. As we grow, the number of staff does too and we care to create economic growth for everyone involved.

We aim to provide decent work for all and actively work against discrimination on our platform. Additionally, we focus on SDG 5 which focuses on gender equality. At Time2Staff, we work tirelessly achieve this goal and empower as many women as possible. As removing discrimination is one of the main goals we work towards, we aim to provide safe and equal work opportunities. These opportunities are present throughout the structure of our company as the majority of the employees in the company and members of the board are women. We have become a leader in the market due to caring about our staff and opting for attracting women.

By creating a good working environment and providing a helpful service we strive to be as sustainable as possible.


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