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Time2Staff present in Sponsor-og eventprisen event

Time2Staff stood next to the nominees of the award ceremony this year and presented the helpful app which is creating more and more smiles with every job invitation that appears on our Application.

We laughed out loud with everyone in the event and learned about the goosebumps effect (Gåsehud effekten). It was amazing to hear psychological and scientific facts about goosebumps. Apparently, people, who get goosebumps the most are the most open-minded, creative, travel-oriented, and positive because when the "busta" rises, you connect with the non-human in you.

We heard Sara speaking bravely standing in front of hundreds of people and requesting assistance to decrease the gap between the youth from the west and the east part of Oslo.

Jerome Bourat from Nielsen also increased our information considerably regarding sports fans' behavior and the changes that happened after the pandemic. As he well said, people may lie but data does not lie, and he provided us with a wide array of facts based on data. For instance, the shift of youth to multi-screen viewing of live sports events, crypto driving the sponsorship market and attracting 50% of football clubs’ investment sources, and the fact that athletes are proven to be trusted influencers so it is so clever of businesses using them as influencers, and a number of more precious and helpful facts.

The event attendees were mesmerized by the way that Time2Staff is helping all the clients and job seekers in the hospitality industry. Hotel managers, heads of grocery stores, and restaurant and catering owners illustrated their motivation to register and use our app to hire the staff present in the Time2Staff application.


Do you think you are ready to start working as a waiter now?

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