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What is Julebord?

One of the unique things about working in Norway during the Christmas season is that you will get to experience “Julebord” which translates literally as Christmas table. So, the term is referred to an office party organized by a company, club, or working group.

How is it different from the other events of the year?

Not only is the event so Christmassy and delightful, but the food and beverages are unique, everyone wears fancier clothes than at the other events, and the colleagues find the time to give and receive feedback from one another.

What kind of food is served?

There usually are traditional Christmas food such as Rice pudding, pork rib, lamb, spicy sausage, and white fish. Most of the time there are alcoholic beverages special for Christmas such as Christmas beer which is called “juleøl” or mulled wine.

What should non-Norwegians do?

This night is a great opportunity to get to know your colleague more and make a strong relationship with them. As you might have noticed by now, office gatherings in Norway are not overly social experiences but Julebord contains a lot of alcohol which makes the atmosphere more friendly! Make sure to have so much fun and salute the year you have passed with your dear colleagues. The theme of the night is fun and even if any speeches or presentations are given, the tone will be light. So, make sure to enjoy one of the best nights of the year!

Finally, if you are unsure about what to wear in the Julebord, pick a formal suit/dress.

Our advice to women is to remember that the streets are so slippery these days, you do not want to fall down on the street while wearing your high heels on the way to the ceremony. As we have always said, we take care of you.

God Jul!


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