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Work as a cook in Norway

At Time2Staff, we offer a diverse range of job titles, including cook, barista, bartender, waiter, head waiter, event crew, housekeeper, and more! The best part is, no prior experience is required for these positions! However, we believe that preparation is key to success in any field, and that's why we want to share an exclusive interview with one of our most experienced cooks, who has been using Time2Staff to find additional cooks for various events. Jakub graciously shares his valuable insights and offers essential tips for those embarking on their first cook job through Time2Staff, including how to achieve an impressive 3-star rating!

Before we start the interview - do you want to book a job as a cook in Norway?

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Work as a cook in Norway through Time2Staff

Which qualities are important to have when you work as a cook?

First of all, good experience when it comes to the product, great time coordination, work fast and accuracy in preparing everything needed for the service.

Which tasks do you do as a cook through Time2Staff?

As additional employees, I usually help the main chef in the preparation or service in hotels, restaurants and canteens. Sometimes, however, it happens that you have to take the initiative and come up with everything yourself.

3 Tips on how to impress the workplace?

  1. Know your tasks and perform them conscientiously and quickly.

  2. Work with commitment to be noticed.

  3. Develop your own system that allows you to quickly find yourself in any kitchen, show knowledge but at the same time humility and a nice attitude towards colleagues, then they will certainly ask about you in the future

Which qualities are you looking for when you choose between cooks for a job?

Punctuality, the ability to organize work and good timing, knowledge about products and their efficient processing and storage, the basics of personal and occupational hygiene, knowledge of the use of equipment, good knife skills and independence.

What is important to do when they arrive at a workplace?

Ask for a detailed description of your duties. Arrange your workspace when it comes to preparation and cutting. Keep an eye on the time and cook with an awareness of the number of customers/guests.

What is important to do before leaving the workplace?

Be sure that you leave your workstation clean, the ingredients you prepared were described in the date, if necessary, make a list of preparations for the next shift, be efficient until the end and remember to smile often, be polite and people will remember you well and you will have a chance for better ratings, more jobs and maybe even a pernament position.

What should you NOT do as a cook?

Don't be late, don't be arrogant, leave your ego at the kitchen door because you only came to help, not to fix the world. Don't argue, don't play with the phone, don't run around the kitchen, don't forget about the tasks and the time to complete them, don't be rude for other employees and guests. As a helper, do not decide, rather ask the leaders.


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