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Free Recruitment Through Time2Staff

Recruit our staff for free

Reading CVs, doing background checks, conducting endless interviews, reference checks, personality tests - it is all time consuming and demands many resources.

Now picture this - you have a list of qualified and potential staff for one of your shift. You choose as many or few as you want. They work, you talk together, you get to see how they perform at your work and if you are happy, there is no extra cost for recruitment.

This is the Time2Staff way of recruiting!

Time2Staff has wanted for a long time to do something about the high recruitment fees that some recruitment agencies practice. Recruitment has long been a resource-intensive process since many companies refuse to hire incorrectly. We experience many customers who are in long recruitment processes. When you eventually get to test the candidate at work, you can be lucky on the first try or unlucky and start from scratch again with the long recruitment processes.

At Time2staff, you can easily choose the candidates you find interesting for the shifts you want. You get to see how they perform at the work and talk with them before you choose whether to hire them or not. We do not charge extra for the recruitment service if you want to hire them afterward.

Tired of long and expensive recruitment processes?

Try Time2Staff today! The app is 100% free of use


Do you think you are ready to start working as a waiter now?

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